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A variety of shorts, from knee-length shorts to trousers, for any situation, whether worn with formal clothing, beachwear or sporty shorts. From washed, over-dyed, indigo and faded blue jeans, these shorts set the perfect tone for any look. If sleek cami bodysuits are your thing, you should opt for a high-rise design that's made for dressing up.

A pair of shorts (also called shorts) is a shortened version of trousers that covers the entire leg but not the foot. In British English, the term shorts is used interchangeably with shorts, which is a shorter version of ordinary pants or pants or pants in American English. A short is a garment worn under the pelvis, usually circular or hip-width, that covers the upper part of the leg and reaches down to the knee, but does not cover the entire length of the legs.

During the short season, we don't have to give up comfort when it comes to khaki shorts. Shorts used by unqualified British athletes refer to sport shorts, athletic shorts and casual shorts, the latter being common during warm weather in the UK. Lake Day is also known as "active shorts" because of its nylon, fast drying fabric and elastic waist. 

From a selection of long-waisted shorts to regular low-waisted shorts, Bono has many options when it comes to how your shorts fit and feel. Bono women's shorts come in all sorts of fits and fabric details, so you can always find the right pair. With a length range of our short Inseam shorts, short bike shorts and Bermuda shorts, you can get the length you love and feel best.

We all love summer and the arrival of fresh, seasonal looks. Whatever your style, there is nothing better than turning up the heat and showing off your shorts. And if you like AE jeans and want the same style for your shorts, we have some good news. 

With shorter lengths, we have short styles for women who keep a cool head when it gets hot. We started with the simple idea of making matching shorts for the game, but expanded it to guarantee that we would always have our shorts on offer.

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